DevOps Consulting

With more and more enterprises adopting agile development methodologies, DevOps is becoming more imperative to increase speed, improve efficiency and quality of software delivery.

One of the key benefits of introducing DevOps processes and culture is to remove silos of communication between teams. Therefore, it minimizes dependency on availability of team members in order to progress the delivery of software projects.

PALS has the right set of expertise in providing DevOps consulting and implementation services to enterprises requiring to improve timely delivery of software projects.

  • DevOps Consulting

    Deliver Awareness Workshops and Assessments to provide deeper understanding of how to implement DevOps and identify gaps for improvement.

  • DevOps Adoption

    Implementation of DevOps solutions using cloud services starting from code repositories to build automation, testing and deployment.

  • Mobile DevOps

    Implementation of DevOps for mobile applications using cloud based mobile deployment services.

Platforms We Support