Cloud Analytics

In today's competing market, it is becoming imperative for enterprise to take smart decisions. This can be achieved with real-time analytics to mitigate risks and forge ahead. Global cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS extend data analytics as services to quickly enable enterprises in bringing their data onto the cloud and perform real-time analytics.

PALS being highly experienced in cloud technologies and data analytics solutions, help enterprises to leverage power of cloud analytics in generating business insights effortlessly.

  • Cloud Data Transformation

    Provide transform services to seamlessly move data from on premise to cloud for performing analytics.

  • Cloud Business Intelligence

    Provide services to analyse data using modern Data Warehouse and Big Data solutions on the cloud.

  • Machine

    Implementation of Predictive Analysis and Demand Forecasting solutions using Machine Learning Cloud Services.

  • Data Visualization

    Implementation of rich and interactive visualization insights using cloud based solutions like Power BI.

Platforms We Support