SharePoint Solutions

Today's CIOs are faced with challenges to increase productivity within the organization through collaboration and to provide unified reporting and data analysis interacting with disparate and legacy applications. Better collaboration leads to increased productivity, innovation, and more informed decisions that ultimately reduces costs and saves resources without adding any overhead to an organization.

As a result, enterprises today are adopting Microsoft SharePoint to improve the way people work together in an organization with more flexibility among users and applications.

PALS has rich experience in consulting, implementation, and customization of SharePoint solutions which enables its customers to realize their value quickly.

  • SharePoint

    Deliver Awareness Workshops and envision desired solution using on-premise SharePoint or Office 365 productivity suite.

  • SharePoint Customization

    Provide customization services to SharePoint functionality for adapting organizations' productivity requirements such as Teamsites, Business Dashboards, Enterprise Search and Custom LOB applications on SharePoint.

  • Enabling Enterprise Social

    Provide Yammer integration services with SharePoint to enable Enterprise Social Networking functionality within the organization.

  • SharePoint Deployment and Maintenance

    Provide architecture, deployment and maintenance services to configure SharePoint solutions.

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